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Activities at Spence Farm

We’re happy to pass along this information regarding summer and fall activities at Spence Farm.  All workshops and demonstrations are free of charge and open to the public. For more information, please visit

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Happy Summer Vacation

We would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a happy summer vacation. Our students and our staff members have worked hard to make this year another successful one for the Woburn Public Schools. Summer is a time of rest and recreation, but it is also a time for planning as we prepare to take on some important initiatives in the 2012-2013 school year. During the summer, we hope you’ll continue to check in on our web site or follow us on Twitter (@woburnschools) so you can keep up on the latest news from the Woburn Public Schools.

In the meantime, have a great—and safe—summer vacation.

--Mark Donovan, Superintendent of Schools

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Wellness Advisory Committee Application

As you may be aware, our Wellness Advisory Committee is about to be re-established. If you wish to serve on this committee in some capacity, we invite you to fill out and submit the attached application. More information is available on the application document.

Wellness Committee Application

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Safe Routes to School Survey

Mayor Scott Galvin, the City of Woburn and the School Department have teamed up with the non-profit group “Walk Boston” to improve safety and accessibility for children walking to school. To that end, we invite you to participate in a citywide survey designed to find out how children get to and from school. Your responses will help the City in creating safe and accessible routes to Woburn’s Schools.

To access the survey, please visit Please respond by June 15. Your responses are confidential.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Ed Tarallo at 781-897-5817 or by email at


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Graduation will be held on Sunday

Graduation ceremonies will be held at Woburn Memorial HIgh School on Sunday at 2:00 as scheduled.

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Kennedy Students Make a Statement

Kennedy Middle School Student celebrate pink t-shirt day in style.

At an assembly earlier in the year, Kennedy students heard about a school in the western part of the United States where a student was bullied because he wore pink. The students in that school decided to send text messages around the school urging everyone to wear pink as a way to stand up to bullying. This story gave an idea to two eighth-grade boys at the Kennedy Middle School. Quinton Cox and Cameron Pacheco decided to hold a day at the Kennedy where all students and staff would wear pink t-shirts.

Quinton and Cameron discussed their idea with their principal, Mr. Nelson, and their assistant

Quinton Cox and Cameron Pacheco

principal, Mr. Battle. Both of them offered their strong support, and the project began. Quinton and Cameron solicited donations of t-shirts or money to support the program. One of their biggest supporters was Impress Graphics of Woburn. When all was said and done, enough donations were received to supply all students and staff with a pink t-shirt. On Friday, May 25, all students and staff members wore their shirts with pride.

Cameron and Quinton said that it was “kinda cool” to see their idea become a reality. One of their favorite parts of the day was during a fire drill where the whole school left the building creating a wave of pink.

We want to honor and congratulate Cameron and Quinton for taking a stand against bullying and doing so in a very big way. We also want to thank Mr. Nelson, Mr. Battle, the staff, and the students at the Kennedy Middle School for making a strong statement to the school community as a whole.



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Superintendent’s Blog

As you know from the last posting, our Technology Department has worked hard to add Edline to our available resources for staff, parents, and students. Edline includes exciting new opportunities for us to bring our communication efforts to the next level. As our implementation unfolds, stay tuned to learn about the features of this new service.

We've decided to keep the Superintendent's Blog section of our web site active during this transition period. Our new address is Of course, you can subscribe to the blog anytime by clicking on the "Subscribe by Email" link.


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Edline Goes Live

Please check out our newly redsigned web site at

We've added some new features that will allow the site to be a more interactive learning environment.

Please visit the Edline Help Center for an overview video and training documentation to help you get the most out of this resource.

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