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The Hurld Wyman is a combination of two former elementary schools that were consolidated into one school. This building opened in 2018 housing 410 pupils and is the largest elementary school in Woburn.

John Wyman Elementary School “The Castle”

677 Main Street, Woburn

The school was originally named the Central Square School and later named after John Wyman. Wyman who along with his brother Francis was one of the original 40 men to have settled in Woburn. They came to America from England in 1630, first stopping in Charlestown, In 1642, with a grant from King Charles, they helped found what is now Woburn. The Wyman brothers were successful tanners in Woburn who had their own business. The Wyman School dates back to 1892 and in 1964 an addition was added on the side.

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Daniel P Hurld Elementary School

Land at 69 Bedford Road, Woburn

The school was name after Daniel P. Hurld who was Woburn’s first ever junior high school principal. A teacher in the school system before becoming an administrator, he would later serve between 1936 and 1945 as superintendent of schools. The Hurld School off Bedford Road was built in 1957 at a cost of $614,738.

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